In today's assembly line world, there are experts who specialize in soundboard, pinblock, or bridge installations. Although these craftsmen do a good job installing specific parts of a piano, many, unfortunately, do not know about how the various parts of a piano fit together to create the marvelous sounds of a fine concert grand. Consequently, these ‘assembly line’ pianos produce only factory-quality sound. With us, we have a team of expert technicians that understand the holistic needs of the instrument. Our world-class rebuilders have the finesse, training and classical skill to recreate the rich sounds for years to come. 

In our full-service rebuilding facility, we offer anywhere between touch ups to complete rebuilding and restoration. Please Contact Us online or call us at 212-765-7300 to request an in-home consultation.

Master Technicians

Our master technician, Rudi Bartesch, still follows time-honored traditions of Old World masters, such as handpicking high quality wood of similar grain to ensure even tonal quality throughout the instrument. The installation of soundboards, pinblocks, bridgework, and the setting of the downbearing are all done by Rudi, who is a veritable legend in the restoration industry. In his spare time, Rudi likes to carve those wonderful ‘ice cream parlor’ legs that you see on some pianos throughout our website and in our store.


Our Soundboard

At Beethoven Pianos, we believe that the soundboard is the heart of the instrument. We take pride in the variety of soundboards that we offer. Our soundboards are made from hand-picked Sitka spruce, Bavarian Mountain spruce, and North American spruce. Because variations in the grain of spruce wood can dramatically affect the tonal quality of a piano, we carefully choose wood of similar grain and consistency. Yet, in spite of the quality of wood, a soundboard is only as good as its installation.