Piano Tuning

The piano contains some ten thousand unique parts. Many of these parts are quite delicate, and need much more servicing than most people realize.  We suggest that you create a maintenance schedule to keep you piano in good shape. We offer piano tuning service for approximately $150 in the New York City area. Price may vary depending the pianos's condition. To schedule a tuning or repair please call 212-765-7300 or Contact Us online.



Action parts need periodic adjustment to compensate for wear, compacting and settling of cloth and felt, and changes in wooden parts due to atmospheric conditions. This is called regulating. Most new and rebuilt pianos will need to be regulated to some extent within six months to a year of purchase. Thereafter, frequency of regulation will depend on the amount of use. A piano in the home played an hour a day might need a full regulation only once every five to ten years, whereas one played all day by a professional might benefit by a full regulation every year. Our tuner will regulate your piano upon request.